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My all-inclusive services are designed to meet your unique needs, as I tailor them based on a thorough assessment of your requirements. Trust me to provide you with the best possible solutions for your body and soul.

Upset Stomach

Women's Health

  • Female urinary incontinence

  • Female fecal incontinence

  • Constipation

  • Pelvic pain

  • Pain with intercourse

  • Tailbone pain

  • Post partum care

Dry Needling


 Great for chronic pain anywhere in the body including

  • Hip pain

  • Shoulder pain

  • Neck pain

  • TMJ pain

  • Headaches

  • Foot pain

Vestibular Therapy

  •  Dizziness

  • Vertigo

  • BPPV

Shoulder Massage

Myofascial Release

Painless technique to address

  • Chronic pain and dysfunction

  • Scar tissue restriction

  • Psychosomatic pain

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